Live at Discovery Ventura!!!

The Velveteen Band had incredible show at Discovery Ventura last Friday!!! Couldn’t make it? Lets fix that!

We want to thank all that incredible people that came out! We loved your hugs. We loved your costumes and cosplays, thank you! Special thanks AHTCK and Soup Hat for kicking off the party. We also want to thank Alert the Globe for filming the event, and for fantastic video you edited. This really made event even more magical, thank you for all you do! I have feeling we’ll back this summer, love you!
-The Velveteen Band

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A few pics from Steamhouse Con 2015

Steam House Con 2015

This was our second time headlining a first year Steampunk convention. It’s always an honor.

This was also our second time working with Doc Phineas. If you ever have that opportunity, we recommend it. The man’s a delight.

We got to meet several contestants from GSN’s Steampunk’d, without a hint of reality show drama.

There are no pics from the after party. You had to be there.

Photo Post #1 (and it’s a big one)

Aaron here.  I guess we’ve fallen a bit behind on the posting of images.  Let’s rectify that forthwith!