Spring forward!

What are you doing on April 15th?  You should come to the Spring Fair!  It’s like the County Fair, but springier!

They’ve got rides, they’ve got food, they’ve got the Velveteen Band.  What more do they need?

(YOU!!  See, that wasn’t a rhetorical question — they need you.)

There’s arts and crafts!  Agriculture!  Face painting!  It’s all ages!

We’re especially looking forward to having the Baron’s photo taken with the Easter Bunny, so we can finally put THAT rumor to rest.

The Spring Fair runs all weekend at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, but we’ll just be playing on Saturday, at 4pm.

Hey, look. It’s Doc!

This is awesome! The Velveteen Band was featured here on Looper Media‘s “untold story” about our dear friend Doc Phineas of Pawn Stars! Check it out!

Want more?

Looper’s expanded page for this story also features Doc and Foe in our “A Walk with the Doc” Steamathon video.

But, you’ve seen that. What else can we show you?

Well, here’s a clip from Doc’s most recent performance with us, at Oxnard SteampunkFest.

(We’re still stoked, and deeply honored, that he joined us there!)

We’re looking forward to seeing Doc Phineas again at Steamathon 3 in 2018, and hopefully a few times between now and then! Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Doc’s appearances on Pawn Stars, and maybe a few other places.

Our first show of 2017! Be there!

We’re super excited to finally play at Discovery in Ventura, this Friday, January 27th! We’re joined by our friends Once a Wolf, and Mad Max themed AHTCK. The show starts at 7, but come early for dinner and bowling!

(This show is all ages, but the Velveteen Band doesn’t start until 9pm, if bed times are a concern)

It’s that time of year again…

Joyous tidings to one and all! From each of us to all of you, we hope you’re surrounded by love and support this holiday season.
(Also, food. So much food!)

As Foe famously wished us two years ago, “Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Hanukkah. Happy New Year. Whatever. Happy. Hope you’re all dead soon.”
(Disregard that last part.)

Survived 2016? Come celebrate!


2016’s almost over, and while the year did bring us many fond memories, it really can’t go away soon enough!

So, we’ve got a show coming up in January, one week after the inauguration.   ’cause, the world could use a party, and this is gonna be one.

But not just any party.

We’ve asked AHTCK to help guide us through the post-apocalyptic wasteland.  It’s where they live!

Once a Wolf is also playing, so we might get some survival tips there as well.  They used to be a wolf!

That all goes down on January 27, at Discovery in Ventura.  It’s a fantastic venue, and we’re excited to finally play there.

There might be a new song or two debuted that night.

This is actually our first show in Ventura since the county fair, back in August.  Or if you prefer, it’s our first show in Ventura County since Oxnard Steampunk Fest.  Either way, it’s been too long.  This town is our heart.

Doors open at 7. Come early for bowling!
(Oh!  Hey!  Have you ever gone bowling with a 6 foot rabbit?  Maybe we should have lead with that.)

  • 7pm:  Once a Wolf
  • 8pm: AHTCK
  • 9pm: The Velveteen Band
  • 10pm: Nobody.  We have to stop playing.

Invite all your Facebook friends!
Buy your tickets now!

Note: this is an all-ages show, but we’re the last of three bands to perform.  If your kids have an early bedtime, please take that into consideration.