the New Normal

They’ll be announcing the results of that “Weirdest Band in the World” poll in a few hours. It’s not gonna be the announcement some of us were hoping for. We were trailing behind, last time I checked.

And while there are indeed allegations that one of the bands might have cheated, I don’t think we were second place, either. So, unless the last-minute surge we tried to create at C4 actually worked, we’re gonna lose this one fair and square.

“Square” being the operative word, really.

It seems what we do here is, in fact, perfectly normal.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I mean, I don’t really know what normal even looks like anymore.  Do you?

Well, you do now.  Next time the question comes up, send people here.  Let’s show ’em what normal looks like.

’cause it’s us.

We’re the Velveteen Band: the new face of normal.

It’s good to be accepted!

You never know where you'll run into us!

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