The Whovian People

The Velveteen Band loves cosplay. That should go without saying; just look at us!

Cosplayers inspire us by doing something we’ve always strived for: they envision a world more exciting or colorful than our own, and then physically embody it so the rest of us can see what they’re looking at, and what we’ve been missing.

This became clear to us while filming our 2014 Comic-Con video.  In particular, the Doctor Who cosplayers stood out. This is a group that celebrates intellect over violence, creativity in all things, and the richness and diversity of other cultures. Rock on!

So, when we went back this year, we wanted to do something a little special for them…

The Velveteen Band presents a mashup between Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” and the Doctor Who theme song (originally by Ron Grainer), with lyrics by us about Doctor Who cosplayers.

Much love to everyone we managed to drag into our crazy world for a few minutes. You’re why we did this.

You may download the song for free from this link on SoundCloud. You will also be able to stream our whole album there. Please do, and tell your friends about us!

(by Aaron Levitz, Jason Amelio, Claire Flores and Dan Flores):

I wanna watch you, I’d love to meet you.
I’ll wait in panel lines just to greet you.
But what to wear at the Comic-Con?
So many cosplay options, you can’t go wrong!

The Whovian People, The Whovian People.
are all dressing up as the good and evil.
Silence, Ood, or Cybermen!
Angels, Doctors, Companions!

Rolling Daleks, so full of hate…
Brandish those plungers! Exterminate!!

Hey! You! Alons-y!!
I’ve got a screwdriver. Follow me!
Hey! You, watching BBC!
If you’re the companion, I know what I’ll be.

Those creepy statues drive me to drink.
Don’t look away. Don’t even blink.

The Whovian People, The Whovian People,
are all dressing up as the good and evil.
Machines and monsters, ready to go.
Call boxes face the void. Geronimo!


Rolling Daleks, so full of hate…
Brandish those plungers! Exterminate!

The Whovian People
The Whovian People (aahh) [x4]

[Chorus x2]

The Whovian People [x8]

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