“Up, Up and Away”

Up, Up and Away
lyrics by Aaron Levitz, Jason Amelio and Dan Flores
music by The Velveteen

I’ve never heard somebody talk so much
when there’s nothing left to say.
You want to look smart, but you’re out of touch,
and it’s such a dumb cliché.

(Stop talking.
Done listening.
You’re droning.
Not helping.)

It’s time to act now, but we’re in.. the clutch
of your endless shades of gray.

While you delay;
while you’re debating,
I’ll save the day.
I’m tired of waiting.
Up, up and away —
I’m extricating myself.
When all is said and done..
and the race is run..
when the battle’s won, you’re in the way.

What’s it gonna take for you to recognize
that the peril’s close at hand.
You won’t stop looking for a compromise
when you need to take command.
It’s obvious I’m gonna have to improvise
’cause you still don’t have a plan.


(instrumental break)



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