“Too Much Whiskey”

Too Much Whiskey
lyrics by Aaron Levitz, Daniel Flores, Jason Amelio
music by the Velveteen Band

Maybe we drank too much whiskey.
Maybe we drank too much rum.
Maybe we’ll drink it all; give up and sink it all.
Maybe we’re just bloody done.

I’ve lived my whole life as a scoundrel.
Fate she’s been so cruel to me.
Constantly punished for things I ain’t done —
leave me in cold misery.

I come home at night to a bottle.
It loves me much more than my wife.
She always tells me I’m useless and dumb.
She wants me out of her life.

** Chorus (x2)

** instrumental break

There’s never a cop when I need one.
There’s always a cop when I don’t.
I spend each night in the slammer for fighting
…myself, when I’m drinking alone.

Everyone tells me to work more.
Nobody gives me a raise.
I work my life away, lifting this cup all day.
just a shame none of it pays.

** Chorus (x2)

** Puppet banter

** rhythmic call and answer section

Now that we’ve drank all the whiskey…
Now that we’ve drank all the rum…
It’s time to pack it in.
Let’s hit the sack, but then…
maybe I just need a hug.

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