This Fine Crew

This Fine Crew
lyrics by Aaron Levitz and Dan Flores
music by the Velveteen Band

This fine crew
will pull each other through.
We leave no friend behind,
and that means you.

These fine lads
need what each other adds.
For together, we’re stronger,
if black and blue.

Got a reputation to live up to.
Don’t know what it is,
but we’re sure it’s true.

(intro repeats)

These fine chaps
could really use more naps,
’cause our lapses in judgement
cause mishaps.

This wild brood
had better get some food
or the mood gets ruder
in magnitude.

Once we hit the stage, there’s no place to hide!
There’s bound to be damage when worlds collide!

(still FOE):
This fine crew
it hasn’t got a clue
not a lick of sense, nor follow through.

These fine gents
are lousy discontents
but we clean up nice
at formal events.

FOE and FUM:
Couldn’t find the compass, so we’re off track.
You can’t blame the road for hitting back!

(enter dwarves)

And yet, it’s hard to ignore
that we still come back for more.

(more dwarves)

We might not know what’s in store,
or care much what came before.
With so much left to explore,
we can’t help but go through that door!

(extended intro)

This fine crew
is flying to the moon
on a rocket ship
made of sticks and glue.

This fine crew
abandoned what we knew.
The mistakes keep working,
so we do, too.

FOE and FUM:
There’s no satisfaction
in deja vu.
It’s​ not a distraction;
It’s what we do.

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