lyrics by Aaron Levitz
music by the Velveteen

You see your friends online, but not face-to-face.
You’re looking at your phone, and out into space.

You’re bored out of your head – each day is the same.
You’re looking for another person to blame.

’cause no one’s got your back; they’re twisting the knife.
You’ve come to us  for something larger than life.

low wage!
small cage!
burn sage! spurn rage!
time for you to disengage it!

(internal monolog, negative edition)

So, hop into our time machine.
We’ll find the moments in between.
Discover things that no one’s seen.
You’re rocking with the Velveteen.

Will no one hear your story?
It reads like you’re taking inventory.
Without the guts, no glory.

Heck, yeah!*

You’ve gone back to your life.  Each day is the same.
You start to realize you might be to blame.

We’ve got your back, but you’re still twisting the knife.
Look to yourself for something larger than life.

on stage!
turn page! leave cage!
quick before you’re middle aged!

(internal monolog, positive edition)

It’s time for you to steal the scene,
define the moments in between,
and throw away your tired routine.
It’s time to be the Velveteen.

You’re not participating.
Why are you watching?  Only waiting?
What’s up with all the hating?
Focus on living and creating.

Stop taking inventory.
Just be the hero of your story.
Stand up in all your glory.
You are the hero of your story.

Just be the hero of your story.


* this line may not, in fact, be accurate

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