Our “First Fridays” residency continues, when you least expect it!

October 10th, 2014
Live at Hong Kong Inn, Ventura CA (map)

The Velveteen continues their “First Fridays” residency, this time on the second Friday of the month instead of the first.

Take that, conformity!

Show Flyer - October 10 2014 - Hong Kong Inn

Also, we’re foregoing our usual “headliner” spot at the end of the show, and actually playing first this time. Too many of our fans have been struggling to stay out as late as we’ve been performing in this series — we think they’ve earned a respite.

Of course, it was sort of an empty gesture, as Cirque Noir is playing after us and our fans can’t resist a Cirque show.  But that’s on them.  We’re not responsible for their Cirque  addiction.

4 thoughts on “Our “First Fridays” residency continues, when you least expect it!”

    1. Exactly! That’s what I keep telling people!

      The problem comes in November, our third First Friday, which will actually occur on the first Friday of the month.

      It’s thus cleaner to say “the second Friday is still one of the first two.”
      (We didn’t say “First Friday” — we said “First Fridays”. Saved by plurality!)

      But really, that’s a terrible pneumonic device. I don’t know how it’s supposed to remind you when the shows are.


      I’m not sure what the right answer is. This won’t be the last time our own schedule mocks us.

  1. Argh. I need a mnemonic device to remind me what the correct phrase is.

    I knew it wasn’t pneumatic. Or pneumonia. Process of elimination brought me 75% there. That’s at least a C, right?

    Still. The statement actually does work. These rationalizations are terrible pneumonic devices — they won’t help your lungs AT ALL.

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