C4 Central Coast Comic Con 2014

Hey, everyone.  We’re performing (twice) at C4 Central Coast Comic Con this weekend!

C4 Central Coast Comic Con

We’re scheduled for 3:30pm on Saturday, and 2:30pm on Sunday.

This is our first all-ages show, and we’re super excited about having an audience more colorful than we are. Go, cosplayers!

Here’s what’s goin’ down on that stage all weekend.

Saturday, 09/13/14

  • 11am: DJ
  • 12pm: Adam West The Bat
  • 1pm: Trivia
  • 1:30pm: Lolita Dark
  • 2:30pm: Angie’s Curse
  • 3:30pm: The Velveteen Band
  • 4:30pm: Cosplay Dance Party

Sunday, 9/14/14

  • 11am: Superfight Demo
  • 12pm: Ruca
  • 1pm: Trivia
  • 1:30pm: Radio Box
  • 2:30pm: The Velveteen Band
  • 3:30pm: Cirque Noir
  • 4:30pm: Cosplay Dance Party

Hope to see you there!

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