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Live at Discovery Ventura!!!

The Velveteen Band had an incredible show at Discovery Ventura last Friday!!! Couldn’t make it? Lets fix that!

We want to thank all the incredible people that came out! We loved your hugs. We loved your costumes and cosplays, thank you!!! Special thanks to AHTCK and Soup Hat for kicking off the party. We also want to thank Alert the Globe for filming the event, and for the fantastic video you edited. This really made the event even more magical, thank you for all you do! I have a feeling we’ll be back this summer, love you!!!
-The Velveteen Band

Fum talks to Dita McEvil about Angie’s Purse

Note:  This video came out much louder than expected.   Get your hand on the volume control before you hit play.

Fum sat in on an Angie’s Purse rehearsal, and Dita McEvil can’t wait to ask him about it!


You can’t really tell, but we were playing Angie’s Curse in the background while we recorded this. (editing pro-tip: it’s better to add that in post production) Angie’s Purse, being a tribute band, obviously wouldn’t exist without them. Please check them out at