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Celebrate (Madonna cover) – the Dita McEvil Project featuring the Velveteen

As we began adding covers to our live set, we decided to differentiate them by asking guest vocalists to sing lead.

Dita McEvil, whom you might remember from the Angie’s Purse thing, was the first person we called.

This particular show was recorded a few hours after VC Pride (and was originally intended for that stage).

Look forward to an expanded collaboration, as the Dita McEvil Project emerges.

Cirque Noir: “Big Top” Music Video

As many of you know, Cirque Noir and the Velveteen are closely related, with two key musicians inhabiting both of our respective universes.

Delegates Christopher Coyle and the Baron Von Velveteen serve as a sort of ambassador between the whimsically dark world of Cirque Noir and the less-likely-to-eat-your-face world of the Velveteen.

(We were actually voted “least likely to eat your face” in our high school yearbook, but Cirque’s corrupting influence has created a bit of moral grey area)

Before you, we present Cirque Noir’s long-awaited first music video. Enjoy!