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Octopus’ Garden, Live from Steamathon

It’s official.

*insert dramatic drumroll*


Steamathon‬ was truly a convention of the heart, so this vid comes from the bottom of ours! This is Doc Phineas on stage with The Velveteen Band, bringing the house down, singing a cover of the Beatles, “Octopus’ Garden”!

Let’s do it AGAIN January 29th-31st, 2016!

So mark those calendars to pack up your goggles and garb, grab a pith helmet just in case, and head to Vegas on for an unforgettable steampunk weekend at Main Street Station!
Tickets are already on sale!

P.S. To all my Steamathon peeps, I just want to say you look beautiful in this video! And another thing: subscribe to our YouTube channel! More vids on the way!

Celebrate (Madonna cover) – the Dita McEvil Project featuring the Velveteen

As we began adding covers to our live set, we decided to differentiate them by asking guest vocalists to sing lead.

Dita McEvil, whom you might remember from the Angie’s Purse thing, was the first person we called.

This particular show was recorded a few hours after VC Pride (and was originally intended for that stage).

Look forward to an expanded collaboration, as the Dita McEvil Project emerges.

Our new friend, Foe

This is Foe. He’s new here!
He’s new everywhere, in fact.
…and he does not like new places.

Introducing... Foe

You can watch Foe’s introduction to the world here.  If you squint, you can also see us performing “Stroll” with him!

Not to be upstaged so easily, Fum took to the gym and lost a lot of weight. He’s never looked so young and vibrant!

Fum and Foe

The Velveteen at SDCC 2014

The Velveteen met some new friends with familiar faces at San Diego Comic-Con International, 2014. Thanks to everyone — we love you all!

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