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November 5th, Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival


The Velveteen Band loves playing in:

  • Las Vegas
  • Comic Book Conventions
  • Free Events
  • All Ages Shows

…and this one checks all of those boxes!

AND!! It’s at the Clark County Library, which is sort of incredible. We don’t have to be quiet there!  They have two theaters.  Does your library have two theaters?  Just look at this theater!


We love comic books as much as the regular kind, and we love that this library is using comics to promote literacy.  It’s fantastic to be a part of that.

It’s a short day, and we’re closing it out in the main theater from 3pm-4:30.

If that’s too early for you, we’re also playing at the afterparty:


The afterparty is also free, though you do have to be 21+ to get in.

If you saw us in the con, but your friends didn’t, you’ll have a few hours between shows to convince them to come out.

Anyway, here’s some links for you:

We’ll get a video up for you soon. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog here to make sure you’re the first to see it.

Oxnard Steampunkfest is back! All ages! All Weekend!!

Oxnard SteampunkFest was a huge surprise last year. As a first-year event, we didn’t expect much, but it turned out to be one of the best events we’ve ever played at.  We’re so excited about its return this weekend — the team has cranked everything to eleven!

Here’s a sample of who else you’ll see there…

Live Bands:

Performances by:

Hosted by:

Special judges for the costume contest:

Appearing throughout:

That’s not even getting into the 45 different vendor booths, or the creative work put forth by other attendees! Here’s a taste of that from last year:

Anyway, we hope you can make it. You’ll find a ton of info here!

It’s… it’s… a ballroom blitz!

In just two weeks (on Saturday, October 1st), we’ll be headlining “the London Blitz”, part of this year’s San Diego Who Con!

San Diego Who Con

We’re obviously huge fans of Doctor Who, and frankly, of San Diego. So this is a huge honor all around.

We’ll be playing at 8:30, with a second set at probably 10pm. Give or take.  (People assume that start times are a strict progression from cause to effect. But actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff.)

Random Gibberish is also performing!

The London Blitz

Tickets for the event can be found here.   Picking any of these options will get you into the concert:

  • SD Who Con 3 Day Membership
  • Saturday Membership Only
  • “the London Blitz” dance w/ the Velveteen Band

If you need a hotel room, there’s info on that here.

Be sure to “like” San Diego Who Con’s Facebook page for up-to-the-minute announcements!

This Friday! 6th Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball

The Velveteen Band will be performing at the historic Piper’s Opera House on September 17, 2016, along with our friends in Aether Brigade and the Nathaniel Johnstone Band !

Foe’s been reading up on Virginia City, and is super excited to visit the home of one of his favorite authors.

Also, there’s a guinea pig.

Official Event Page:

More info:


the VCMA’s are back!

The Velveteen Band will be playing a couple of songs at the Ventura County Music Awards this Friday. And we do mean “a couple”. Come support all the great Ventura bands who’ll be playing a song or two for you. There’ll be like 20 of ’em. Seriously. It’s like a sampler platter for your ears!

The event is open to the public this year. It’s at the Camarillo airport! $20 tickets can be found at

See you at the VC Fair!

We’re playing two sets at the Ventura County Fair this year. August 10th, at 8:30pm and 10pm. Admission to the fair is only $3 that day, if you arrive before 3pm.

Facebook event:

VC Fair official website:

Velveteen Band official website:

Ventura County Fair Facebook page:

Velveteen Band Facebook page:

This Saturday! We’re playing at Bar Sinister!

July 30th, Bar Sinister, Hollywood, CA!

This is an absolute wonderland dream lineup for us, at our most favorite venue in Hollywood, BAR SINISTER! We hope you will join us for a magical evening of amazing music.

Click here for more info!

We were so excited about this performance, Claire Flores, puppeteer and artist for the Velveteen Band, spent several months working on the art for the poster. It has elements of all three bands, and we will have a few printed copies available at the show for sale for $5!

Bar Sinister, July 30