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Are you fearing the rider? Well, you should.

Our friends in Chamber Band produced this amazing cover of our song, “Fear the Rider”. We could not be more honored!

Definitely check out their other stuff:

Chamber Band’s first album, Dieties, offers catchy songs of relationship drama in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Fan funded on Kickstarter, the new album (Careers), is a tribute to the Hunger Games. And it rocks.

But, back on topic.

Red Sky Productions made this fun video of our own version, with footage from the first annual Oxnard Steampunk Fest! If you weren’t there, here’s some incentive to fix that next year!

…and here’s a promo we made for the event. It’s outdated!
(Sorry about that. It’s still fun, though)

Interested in recording your own cover? Here’s the lyrics and chords and stuff!

Ventura County Music Awards 2015

As some of you know, we were nominated for “Best Alternative Rock Band” in the Ventura County Music Awards this year.

vcma logos

This nomination raised some eyebrows, since we’re not really an Alternative Rock Band, and the other nominees are.  But there wasn’t an “Other” category, so here we are.

Anyway, we didn’t win that, and a great awkwardness was avoided.  Congratulations to Hologram Empire on their well deserved victory!

We did, however, take the People’s Choice Award.

vcma - barkback peoples choice

(The trophy’s rad! That placard reads “Barkback People’s Choice VCMA 2015”. Barkback is the app used for tonight’s voting. We met some of the team tonight. Good people!)

We thought that was it, and were in fact busy celebrating when the “OMG! Must See” award was announced.

vcma - omg must see

So, then we had twice as much to celebrate.

vcma - aftermath

— The End —

vcma - trophies

(Thanks again to everyone who voted, to No Cover Magazine, and to the Red Light District for putting the VCMAs together)

Awesome August!

We’re excited about pretty much everything this month, because it’s all exciting!

First off, we’re about to release a studio recording and music video for “the Whovian People,” our tribute to Doctor Who cosplayers by way of Marilyn Manson.

No, really.  That’s a thing we made.  We’re super proud of it.  Coming soon!

Next up, we’ve got Alice to come play at our First Fridays residency on August 7.  You might know Alice as the house band for The Labyrinth of Jareth, an event that us Henson geeks are basically in love with.

Have a listen to their album below!

What next?  Oh, just the Ventura County Fair.  No biggie.

Kidding — it’s huge.

Growing up in Ventura, the fair has always been a part of our lives, and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of it in return.

We’ll be playing two sets on August 13th, at 6pm and 8pm 7pm.  Not 8pm — apologies; our web guy can’t read.

This is an all ages show at a reasonable hour, and it’s free with fair admission.  So, that’s pretty much all of your excuses out the window.  Come see us!

On another stage just around the corner, the B-52s are also playing.

RSVP on Facebook for last minute info and reminders.

August 14th, we’re in Silver Lake, but more importantly: Chamber Band is in Silver Lake.

We’re playing a show with Chamber Band.

This is a dream come true, and a year in the making.

If you’re not familiar, Chamber Band tells epic stories through song, weaving harmonies and dynamics to really  take listeners on a journey.  Their first album, “Deities”, brought us songs of love and heartache in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Their second album, “Careers”, explores the world of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Some of that might sound like it’d be a gimmick, but it really isn’t. They create a heightened reality and manifest the things they love through their music.  It’s what we strive for ourselves.  (In fact, seeing Chamber Band perform in our early days really helped encourage us to keep going in this direction.)

Have a listen to “Deities” now:

(“Careers” launches 10-06-2015.  If you want to hear those songs earlier, you should come to the show.)

Seriously, do check them out.  And if you’re able, come out to the show.

More info here.

Important update

THE VELVETEEN BAND regrets to announce that we will unfortunately be unable to perform at STEAMPUNK WORLDS FAIRE, in May of this year.  We were not able to coordinate from afar all the logistics needed to ensure that we could perform the best possible show for ourselves and our fans and friends in New Jersey.

We just want to say that it was truly an honor to be invited.  We hope you all have a great time at the STEAMPUNK WORLDS FAIRE this year, and we wish them the best!

re: hitRECord

From the beginning of the Velveteen Band, we have sought out other talented musicians and artists to collaborate with. This spirit of collaboration is what has fueled us, and continues to inspire us. To date, this collaboration has been done with one or two artist at a time; our next historic move will enable us to collaborate with thousands:

We’re contributing not just our entire album, but the individual stems (the isolated recordings of each performer), to hitRECord.
You’ll find those contributions here:

At this point, you might be asking yourself “what the heck is hitRECord?

Great Question!

hitRECord is a community of artists in every medium, who have agreed to let each other play with their work in a sort of copyright cease-fire. It’s also a production company, owned by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We’ll let him explain:

Under Joe’s direction, the community at hitRECord has published books and music to traditional outlets, produced live performances, and is currently completing a 2nd season of “hitRECord on TV” on

…which you should totally watch. Here’s the first episode from last season:

So, what does this move mean?“, you ask.

You’re just full of good questions today!

  • Members of the hitRECord community will be able to use any part of our songs to score videos.
  • They can clear space in our songs to insert themselves into, singing parts or playing instruments.
  • They can arrange their own covers or remixes, or use our stems as raw materials to create entirely new works.
  • These are a few small examples; the potential uses extend far beyond what we, ourselves, can ever imagine.

All of this is recursive; it iterates forever. The users can transform and improve on each other’s submissions, from any starting point. And those users include us. By posting their works back to the site, these artists can let us be part of continuing those projects in a way that, to our knowledge, no band has ever done before.

We quietly launched with three songs over the weekend. Stems were provided, along with a “video fakebook” to lay out the lyrics and chord progressions (so artists can skip the boring mechanical part of dissecting our work, and jump straight into what they do best). will direct you to those records, as well as the release schedule for the rest of our catalog.

If you’d like to be a part of this daring initiative, just sign up at — this is an ongoing effort, and it’s open to everyone.

Steamathon wrap-up, part one

Steamathon - Tempus Foundary - Full Band

Let’s start this post by thanking Doctor Phineas T Kastle for putting on such an amazing event, and for including us in it. The man is an inspiration, truly.

Second, we want to call out this trove of great photos from the event. We’re in some of them, but please check out the rest as well; the creativity and workmanship that went into those outfits is simply mind-boggling.

For review, here’s the two promo videos we made a while back.

They’re outdated now, as the event is behind us. But this seems as good a place as any to declare that the Velveteen Band is hereby officially begging Doc Phineas and his team to do this again next year.

(We hope it was as rewarding for them as it was for the rest of us!)

But, on to the new stuff!

Foe and Professor Z filmed this video (Facebook exclusive) on the drive up, near the California/Nevada border.

Don’t puppeteer and drive, people. We’re not role models.

We then got these next two videos done in the hotel room, instead of actually sleeping:

This decision probably contributed to the near-death illness that Jason ended up fighting through most of the trip.

Sleep deprivation is bad, people. We’re not role models.

(Also? Science! Just sayin’)

We recorded a few videos with Doc Phineas himself while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. You’ll see those soon, I hope. There hasn’t been time to edit or post those yet.

In fact, this is pretty much the point where trying to document everything while also experiencing it ourselves became overwhelming. So, there are definitely some posts pending.


I know we’ve got a billion photos, and some random-ish videos. We’ll compile an album and post those soon.

Meanwhile, check this link for instagram pics hashtagged with #steamathon

There’s also much footage of the show on Saturday. We’ll get some of that posted ASAP. Best audience ever, seriously.

As always, a ton media is going to find its way onto our YouTube and Facebook pages before it goes up here, so make sure you’ve hit the “like” and “subscribe” buttons in those various places!