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“Holiday” music video to premiere at June 24th show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Velveteen Band Performs and Debut’s New Music Video
The Velveteen Band are finalizing the recording of their 2nd album, “What’s on the Other Side?”, and in addition to performing, will be debuting a music video for their first single, “Holiday”, on June 24th at the Discovery in Ventura, CA. The show will be ALL AGES, and start at 9pm. Los Angeles fantasy rockers, Alice Underground, and visual artist Stefani Lee, of Lee’s Menegerie, will be in support. The Music video was directed by Red Sky Productions and filmed on location at Heritage Square in Oxnard.

“We’re living in a world of madness, and it needs a Velveteen Band more then ever.  We’ve spent the last year rocking conventions and festivals all over the west coast; we just wanted to write songs that made those parties go wild!  There’s an insane amount energy on this record that I think is going to really surprise people.  As a band, we truly believe we can do whatever we want.  We don’t feel limited by any style or expectation, and that’s exactly what we did on this record. We kind of lost our minds.”
– Cap’n Dan, Manager/ Producer

The band plans to release the album worldwide, digitally and physically in September and will have a CD release party at the Discovery in Ventura, to launch the album. The release date will be announced this summer!

Some quick info, ’cause people keep asking

Oxnard SteampunkFest posted their entertainment schedule!
Here’s Saturday.


We’ll be playing the main stage at 5:30pm, right after 50 Sticks of Dynamite!

Also, don’t miss Cirque Des Betes on the side stage! They’re amazing. (Noon and 2pm for them)

Here’s the official entertainment schedule for Sunday.


We’re on the main stage again at 2:30, after Opal Aura.

Don’t miss Abby and the Myth there, either.  Abby’s an old friend of ours.  Make her feel welcome! They’re on at noon.

And here’s a list of the vendors who’re gonna be there.


(The names aren’t terribly descriptive, and descriptions won’t do them justice; you really need to walk through each booth and see their work.  My point in sharing this is simply that there’s a lot to see.)

That’s all we’ve got for right now.  See you tomorrow!

San Diego Who Con – Call the Doctor!

The Velveteen Band is thrilled to perform at our first Doctor Who convention this weekend!
Foe said he could get a real 10 to help spread the word, but that could mean anything.  Don’t get your hopes up; it’s probably just Fum in a wig.
Like the event on Facebook!

Another podcast interview

Brian Parra had another thoughtful conversation with our own Jason Amelio on the “There’s No Time To Explain” podcast. Topics run the gamut from BLM and police brutality, to the nature of Steampunk. Listen here.

Or check out the previous interviews with Dan and Jason, which were maybe a bit more music-centric.

(As always, if you’d like to interview anyone from the Velveteen Band for your own publications, hit us up on the Contact page!)

Extended interviews w/ Dan and Jason

Brian Parra, long-time friend of the Ventura music scene, has a podcast.  It’s called “There’s No Time To Explain“, and you can subscribe to it wherever podcasts are subscribed to!

His interviews with Manager Dan, as well as with Foe’s personal stage hand, Jason Amelio, offer great behind-the-scenes insights, if you’re into such things.

(If you’ve got a podcast of your own, and you’d like to interview anyone from the Velveteen Band on it, hit us up on the Contact page!)

March 2016: the March… of Progress!

Hologram Empire is joining us at our First Fridays residency this month!

Hologram Empire earned the title of “Best Alternative Rock Band” in the Ventura County Music Awards last year. Come see why.

(…or how.  I’m not really sure.  Which word is correct?
Come see them regardless — it’s not about grammar.)

flyer - First Fridays with Hologram Empire - march 2016

March 4th, $5 cover.
Ticket link:

We are sadly not able to make it to Wild Wild West Con this year, but if you’re in Tucson, we highly recommend going.

Say hi to our friends, and post lots of pictures to make us jealous!

<– That’s what we’re missing, and it makes us sad.

March 15th:
No plans for the Ides. Et tu?

But then on March 19th, we’ll be joining Poplock Holmes, Strange Indeed, The Banjo Man, and the Frytown Toughs in performance at Ironhorse Family Steampunk Carnivale!

flyer - Iron Horse Family Steampunk Carnivale 2016

That’s at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA (map)

All Ages, $15

More info

It’s also tempting to tell you about this, ’cause we’re all excited about it and stuff. But that’s not ’til April, so just hold yer dang horses.