The Velveteen Band offers a theatrical rock experience like no other.  This bombastic dance band features puppets on vocals, a deranged mad scientist, and is led by a trumpet playing steampunk rabbit named the Baron Von Velveteen.

The Velveteen Band performs original songs from their debut album, but also keeps the show familiar to new fans with their own unique covers of artists like Harry Belafonte, the Eurythmics, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson. These covers are typically chosen from beloved movie soundtracks, and also include the occasional TV theme song (Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, Gilligan’s Isle…)

Their visual show, combined with their high energy live performances, continues to thrill audiences at conventions and festivals all over the west coast and beyond.  Highlights from this year include VC Pride Festival, Central Coast Comic-Con, Tokyo Status, Gam3rCon, Steamathon Las Vegas, Club Cosplay’s Geek Meet, and The Ventura County Fair. They’ve also cultivated a sold-out monthly residency, and a thriving community around that, in their home town of Ventura, CA.

The Velveteen Band will make your event a magical and unforgettable experience for creatures of all ages, Contact us for rates and availability today!




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