Some quick info, ’cause people keep asking

Oxnard SteampunkFest posted their entertainment schedule!
Here’s Saturday.


We’ll be playing the main stage at 5:30pm, right after 50 Sticks of Dynamite!

Also, don’t miss Cirque Des Betes on the side stage! They’re amazing. (Noon and 2pm for them)

Here’s the official entertainment schedule for Sunday.


We’re on the main stage again at 2:30, after Opal Aura.

Don’t miss Abby and the Myth there, either.  Abby’s an old friend of ours.  Make her feel welcome! They’re on at noon.

And here’s a list of the vendors who’re gonna be there.


(The names aren’t terribly descriptive, and descriptions won’t do them justice; you really need to walk through each booth and see their work.  My point in sharing this is simply that there’s a lot to see.)

That’s all we’ve got for right now.  See you tomorrow!

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