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Borderline Shooting Benefit Concert Nov. 30th

The last month has been full of tragedy, and it’s hard to describe the pain and anxiety that has surrounded us since the horrific shooting on Nov. 7th, and the fires that followed. But despite the anguish this has brought to our community, it’s beautiful to watch how it, once again, is coming together to help one another. Its time to do our part to help those in need!!!

The event even made the news!

Rock City Studios will be holding a benefit concert to support the families and those affected by the Borderline Shooting that happened on November 7th.

The benefit concert will be held November 30th.

100% of proceeds will go to the families of the victims.

Doors open at 6pm. Tickets $15

Featuring Silent Auction items!

Featuring Local Artists including: The Velveteen Band Professional Americans, Dr. Infinity, The Unknownz (Sonic League band) and more tba

Click here for pre-sale tickets, and THANK YOU!!!

3 Awesome Updates!

Hello Velveteen World!

We have 3 amazing things to share with you, UPCOMING SHOWS, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS VIDEO, and RECORDING UPDATES!


Join us NOVEMBER 9TH, @THE CIA in North Hollywood for Music, Magic, and Puppets!


8:30pm- AL1CE

11334 Burbank Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601

$10 Pre-Sale
$12 at the door

And then, the very next day on November 10th, we will be in Simi Valley for the 1st annual Funtasy Festival!!!

“DIA DE LOS MUERTOS” Official Lyric Music Video is here!!! Your shares and downloads would be most appreciated!


When we started The Velveteen Band in 2015, our goal was to do the most crazy creative and fun project we’ve ever collectively been a part of. Each member of the band, has come from wacky projects of different styles, and the band has really become a mash-up of all the styles we love, all wrapped up in a fuzzy puppet burrito. Over the years, we have been absolutely floored by the response we have gotten from this band, that has taken us all over the west coast, from San Diego to Reno, San Francisco to Las Vegas, we have met so many amazing supporters that have allowed us to bring this wacky music to their towns. With our last 2 albums, we’ve wanted to doing something bigger then the last thing we did, while constantly improving our craft, our sound and production.

It’s time to do that again.

The Velveteen Band is not only working on new music right now, but we are in preparation for something much much bigger. We are very excited to be working with Rock City Studios to develop what’s coming next. The next 2 shows will most likely be the last 2 shows of 2018, so we can get working on what we need to do to launch in 2019!

Thank you! -The Velveteen Band

“I’m Not Broken” 2018 SONG OF THE YEAR!!!

We are so honored to announce “I’m Not Broken” was voted the 2018 SONG OF THE YEAR at this years Ventura County Music Awards!!!

We want to thank Tim Amaroso and all the VCMA staff and board, Aaron Levitz for the incredible lyrics, and of course, THANK YOU to all of you who voted for us! We wrote this song for all of you that have been beat down, counted out, and felt forgotten. You are NOT broken!!!

Please help support the band by downloading it here!!!

Oxnard Steampunk Fest, October 13th!!!

It’s time for Oxnard Steampunkfest again!!! This is by far, one of our favorite annual events. It’s put on by fantastic people and we just love to be part of it. Tickets are on sale now! This year, we are only playing on OCTOBER 13TH!!! We hit the stage at 5pm!

The footage we used for the “Fear the Rider” Music Video, was all shot at Oxnard Steampunk Fest. Check it out, and we hope to see you!

You can get tickets here.

Diegos Umbrella and Warped Tour Recap!

Huzzah to all our warped and wonderful friends!!!

First off, if you’re new to our mailing list, WELCOME!!! You have entered the strange, and absolutely ridiculous world of the Velveteen Band. And even though we’re still recovering from our Warped Tour sunburns, we thought it was important to remind you about a HUUUUUGE show coming up on August 17th with gypsy rock ambassadors, DIEGO’S UMBRELLA!

Los Angeles moon rockers, Al1ce will be opening the show, and pre-sale tickets are only $10!!! ($15 at the door) Click here to get them now!

And just one more thing…WARPED TOUR WAS INCREDIBLE!!!

How awesome was it? Well, find out in this neat recap video Jason made!

It was an absolute dream come true to participate in the last Warped Tour EVER! A tour we used to attend growing up, it was an honor indeed!

2018 began with a show at Gallifrey One, and has just kept getting more insane from there! We are working on some really big things later on this year, so keep connected to us on our Facebook and Instagram and You Tube Page, for updates, and general silliness.

THANK YOU for supporting our madness!!!

Summer kicks off with Warped Tour and a show at CIA!

Summer is here, and we’re kicking it off with some killer shows!!!

June 15th @CIA in Los Angeles!!! Pre-sale tickets are only $8!! Get them by clicking here

This will be the debut show for the Dinosaur themed band, BONEHENGE, featuring members of Kirby’s Dream Band, and Radio Active Chicken Heads! We’re also getting to play with Gygax, which hasn’t happened in way too long!!! Please join us at this incredible venue, this is going to be an insane show!


We are incredibly thankful and humbled to be performing Warped Tour, and we would like to thank Tim and everyone at the Red Light District Show and No Cover Magazine for making this happen! We’ll be playing at the Ventura Fairgrounds on June 24th only! Set times haven’t been posted yet, but we will keep you posted!

We have some more summmer dates to share with you, but that’s all for now, we hope you can make it, we would love to see you!

Live at Discovery Ventura!!!

The Velveteen Band had incredible show at Discovery Ventura last Friday!!! Couldn’t make it? Lets fix that!

We want to thank all that incredible people that came out! We loved your hugs. We loved your costumes and cosplays, thank you! Special thanks AHTCK and Soup Hat for kicking off the party. We also want to thank Alert the Globe for filming the event, and for fantastic video you edited. This really made event even more magical, thank you for all you do! I have feeling we’ll back this summer, love you!
-The Velveteen Band

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