What’s on the Other Side Lyric Video

I guess it’s been a while. Sorry about that.

What’s new?

We all survived the holidays, as well as the Thomas Fire. It was amazing to see our whole town pull together, and sobering to see how much was lost. We’re a strong community, and, you know, not broken.

Maybe it’s more appropriate to say we went through this, and came out on the other side.

We… leave no friend behind, and that means you?

I’ll try to stop shoehorning lyrics into this post now.

Anyway, check out this amazing Lyric Video that Claire Flores put together! (You already know her design work, but have you seen her motion graphics? Well, get on that!)

Huge thanks to Gaslight Gathering for sponsoring this video during the Kickstarter campaign.

That’s it for now. More announcements soon!