Have we mentioned there’s a new CD coming?

The big album release party is this Saturday, at Discovery Ventura! The Jelly is playing! Barrelhouse Wailers is also playing! Lee’s Menagerie will have a new selection of magical creatures for you to adopt! And we’ll be performing the new album, from start to finish.

We’re so excited for you to finally hear the new album.
Lilly’s heard it. Find out what she thinks!

If you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen the live unboxing video when the CDs arrived.  And then when that failed, you might have seen our second try at it.

We’ve signed a bunch of ’em for the Kickstarter backers who wanted that.

And, special acknowledgment: Our good friend Jessica Potts-Mee has done a ton of work getting reward packages prepped to go out. We’d be dead in the water without her. Thanks again, Red!

Will those arrive before the 30th?  Probably not.  But we will get the digital downloads out to our backers before then, to make sure they get a chance to hear the album before anyone else.

You guys, it’s really happening!