Are you fearing the rider? Well, you should.

Our friends in Chamber Band produced this amazing cover of our song, “Fear the Rider”. We could not be more honored!

Definitely check out their other stuff:

Chamber Band’s first album, Dieties, offers catchy songs of relationship drama in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Fan funded on Kickstarter, the new album (Careers), is a tribute to the Hunger Games. And it rocks.

But, back on topic.

Red Sky Productions made this fun video of our own version, with footage from the first annual Oxnard Steampunk Fest! If you weren’t there, here’s some incentive to fix that next year!

…and here’s a promo we made for the event. It’s outdated!
(Sorry about that. It’s still fun, though)

Interested in recording your own cover? Here’s the lyrics and chords and stuff!