Ventura County Music Awards 2015

As some of you know, we were nominated for “Best Alternative Rock Band” in the Ventura County Music Awards this year.

vcma logos

This nomination raised some eyebrows, since we’re not really an Alternative Rock Band, and the other nominees are.  But there wasn’t an “Other” category, so here we are.

Anyway, we didn’t win that, and a great awkwardness was avoided.  Congratulations to Hologram Empire on their well deserved victory!

We did, however, take the People’s Choice Award.

vcma - barkback peoples choice

(The trophy’s rad! That placard reads “Barkback People’s Choice VCMA 2015”. Barkback is the app used for tonight’s voting. We met some of the team tonight. Good people!)

We thought that was it, and were in fact busy celebrating when the “OMG! Must See” award was announced.

vcma - omg must see

So, then we had twice as much to celebrate.

vcma - aftermath

— The End —

vcma - trophies

(Thanks again to everyone who voted, to No Cover Magazine, and to the Red Light District for putting the VCMAs together)