Steamathon wrap-up, part one

Steamathon - Tempus Foundary - Full Band

Let’s start this post by thanking Doctor Phineas T Kastle for putting on such an amazing event, and for including us in it. The man is an inspiration, truly.

Second, we want to call out this trove of great photos from the event. We’re in some of them, but please check out the rest as well; the creativity and workmanship that went into those outfits is simply mind-boggling.

For review, here’s the two promo videos we made a while back.

They’re outdated now, as the event is behind us. But this seems as good a place as any to declare that the Velveteen Band is hereby officially begging Doc Phineas and his team to do this again next year.

(We hope it was as rewarding for them as it was for the rest of us!)

But, on to the new stuff!

Foe and Professor Z filmed this video (Facebook exclusive) on the drive up, near the California/Nevada border.

Don’t puppeteer and drive, people. We’re not role models.

We then got these next two videos done in the hotel room, instead of actually sleeping:

This decision probably contributed to the near-death illness that Jason ended up fighting through most of the trip.

Sleep deprivation is bad, people. We’re not role models.

(Also? Science! Just sayin’)

We recorded a few videos with Doc Phineas himself while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. You’ll see those soon, I hope. There hasn’t been time to edit or post those yet.

In fact, this is pretty much the point where trying to document everything while also experiencing it ourselves became overwhelming. So, there are definitely some posts pending.


I know we’ve got a billion photos, and some random-ish videos. We’ll compile an album and post those soon.

Meanwhile, check this link for instagram pics hashtagged with #steamathon

There’s also much footage of the show on Saturday. We’ll get some of that posted ASAP. Best audience ever, seriously.

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