Our first single is FINALLY available.

Attention, all our beloved Puppets, Rabbits, and Geeks! We have Music! DOWNLOAD “In the West is a Robot” for FREE right now.

We want to send a very special thanks to Chris Coyle for months of work, mixing and mastering. And of course, to the whole Velveteen Band for an insane summer of recording and performing.

This first song is just a teaser to what’s coming next, we genuinely hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. If you like what you hear, please help us promote our page, or maybe come buy some Rabbit Ears from us at our next show!

The Velveteen Band

the Charlie's Angels pose

the New Normal

They’ll be announcing the results of that “Weirdest Band in the World” poll in a few hours. It’s not gonna be the announcement some of us were hoping for. We were trailing behind, last time I checked.

And while there are indeed allegations that one of the bands might have cheated, I don’t think we were second place, either. So, unless the last-minute surge we tried to create at C4 actually worked, we’re gonna lose this one fair and square.

“Square” being the operative word, really.

It seems what we do here is, in fact, perfectly normal.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I mean, I don’t really know what normal even looks like anymore.  Do you?

Well, you do now.  Next time the question comes up, send people here.  Let’s show ’em what normal looks like.

’cause it’s us.

We’re the Velveteen Band: the new face of normal.

It’s good to be accepted!

You never know where you'll run into us!

Central Coast Comic Con 2014 – Fum and Foe join the Too Much Coffee Cast – “The Time Warp”

You can’t even blink at a comic con, or you risk missing this sort of epicness.

At least, that’s one reason. The other being that there are Weeping Angels about.

Lucky for everyone, our puppets never blink! They stood sentry over the whole affair. It’s just another service we like to provide for our audience.

You’re welcome.

Yes, this is cell phone footage – you capture unplanned moments with whatever’s available!

And yes, it’s cropped funny. Did I mention the Weeping Angels?

That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel.

It’s a thing.

Nominated: Weirdest Band in the World

the Weirdest Band in the World header

My goodness! We’re in the WeirdestBandInTheWorld.com September Poll!

Please take a moment to vote, and tell your friends.

In fact, we’ve set up this handy link to make it easier if you wanted to tell your friends verbally:

You can remember that, right?


Not sure why you should vote for us?  Scroll down a bit! Watch some videos, read through some posts… I’m sure you’ll find something.

C4 Central Coast Comic Con 2014

Hey, everyone.  We’re performing (twice) at C4 Central Coast Comic Con this weekend!

C4 Central Coast Comic Con

We’re scheduled for 3:30pm on Saturday, and 2:30pm on Sunday.

This is our first all-ages show, and we’re super excited about having an audience more colorful than we are. Go, cosplayers!

Here’s what’s goin’ down on that stage all weekend.

Saturday, 09/13/14

  • 11am: DJ
  • 12pm: Adam West The Bat
  • 1pm: Trivia
  • 1:30pm: Lolita Dark
  • 2:30pm: Angie’s Curse
  • 3:30pm: The Velveteen Band
  • 4:30pm: Cosplay Dance Party

Sunday, 9/14/14

  • 11am: Superfight Demo
  • 12pm: Ruca
  • 1pm: Trivia
  • 1:30pm: Radio Box
  • 2:30pm: The Velveteen Band
  • 3:30pm: Cirque Noir
  • 4:30pm: Cosplay Dance Party

Hope to see you there!

Celebrate (Madonna cover) – the Dita McEvil Project featuring the Velveteen

As we began adding covers to our live set, we decided to differentiate them by asking guest vocalists to sing lead.

Dita McEvil, whom you might remember from the Angie’s Purse thing, was the first person we called.

This particular show was recorded a few hours after VC Pride (and was originally intended for that stage).

Look forward to an expanded collaboration, as the Dita McEvil Project emerges.

Our new friend, Foe

This is Foe. He’s new here!
He’s new everywhere, in fact.
…and he does not like new places.

Introducing... Foe

You can watch Foe’s introduction to the world here.  If you squint, you can also see us performing “Stroll” with him!

Not to be upstaged so easily, Fum took to the gym and lost a lot of weight. He’s never looked so young and vibrant!

Fum and Foe