We’re on the radio! Again!

The Whitechapel Circus is returning to the airwaves at KPSU just in time to premiere our first single, “In the West is a Robot”.

How cool is that?

Catch the show live at 4pm PST today!

Radio - the Whitechapel Circus

Don’t have a radio? Go get a radio!
(Seriously, what is this, the dark ages?)

Can’t pick up KPSU locally?
Stream it online here.

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Our “First Fridays” residency is kicking off!

September 5th, 2014
Live at Hong Kong Inn, Ventura CA (map)

The Velveteen is excited to begin our “First Fridays” residency with the following lineup:

  • Angie’s Curse
  • Brian Figz
  • the Velveteen

We’ll also be featuring local steampunk artist Andres Salazar at the show. You can get a taste of his work now by checking out his Kickstarter campaign, currently in progress

Flyer - August 5th 2014

Facebook event listing

Don’t miss “the Big Top” this Saturday

August 30th, 2014
MOSTLY Presents “The BIG TOP” at Billy O’s in Ventura, CA (map

NOTE: The Velveteen is not performing at this show, but Chris Coyle and the Baron Von Velveteen himself are, as members of Cirque Noir. We’re really excited by what everyone’s cooked up here, and couldn’t resist sharing it.

An exclusive alternative music event featuring carnival caliber fetish entertainment and live performances by Ventura’s most explicit and unique musical acts.

Starring three ring rock opera Cirque Noir & Ventura’s sexiest live electronic act, MOSTLY, alongside burlesque bondage beauties, a spectacle on stilts, jugglers, hoopers, and other variety show vaudevillians.

Brought to you by the folks that transformed the Red Cove from dive bar to dance club, the MOSTLY team promises free admission to an evening of spectacular sensory departure from the ordinary: a circus seduction of sight and sound…

Facebook event listing

looking forward to VC Pride!

This Saturday, August 23rd, the Velveteen will be backing up two acts on stage at VC Pride. The first of those will be Amneris Monster at 11am, followed by Dita McEvil at 11:20. It’s going to be a great time celebrating love and diversity, and we’re thrilled to support our friends at this uplifting event. Please join us!

And once you’re there, be sure to stick around for all the other great music. (including our friends Angie’s Curse at 3:20pm)

Later that evening, Bombay Bar and Grill is throwing one of their famous after-parties for the event. If you’d like to hear us play some of our own songs, come on down at 10pm. Dead of Night and DJ Darko are also performing.

Flyer - Bombay - August 23, 2014 - with Dead of Night

Week of Firsts wraps up with some constructive criticism

Achievement Unlocked: First negative comment on one of the YouTube videos!


It may not seem like it on the surface, but this is a very good thing — it means we’re actually reaching people who don’t already know us, and getting (so far) constructive feedback.

I imagine we’ll be pretty jaded about that soon enough, but let’s celebrate while we can still see the silver lining!

Week of Firsts – We’re on the radio!


The Velveteen will be telling some stories and debuting some recordings live on the air, in about nine hours from the time that I posted this. Sorry for the late notice, folks. This is why you should follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: because Webmaster Aaron is a flake.

We’ll be on Live 805, hosted by Tom and Sandy Saturday morning at 9am PST.

If you can’t receive KVTA’s signal over the airwaves, you can listen online here!

Week of firsts – the VC Reporter Interview

First off, our very first interview got printed in the Ventura County Reporter this week! I can’t tell you how excited we were to see that beautiful layout and read all the kind words.

VC Reporter

You can read the article on their website.

There are a few clarifications we’d like to make, though. And let’s be clear, these misunderstandings are entirely our fault. We spoke at breakneck speed, jumping wildly from subject to subject, and the author did an admirable job of keeping things as straight as he did. But for the sake of our future wikipedia article (one of you get on that!), let’s just re-tell a few stories.

(Not all of ’em, though. You want to hear all of our stories, you should listen to the radio tomorrow!)

Continue reading Week of firsts – the VC Reporter Interview

Cirque Noir: “Big Top” Music Video

As many of you know, Cirque Noir and the Velveteen are closely related, with two key musicians inhabiting both of our respective universes.

Delegates Christopher Coyle and the Baron Von Velveteen serve as a sort of ambassador between the whimsically dark world of Cirque Noir and the less-likely-to-eat-your-face world of the Velveteen.

(We were actually voted “least likely to eat your face” in our high school yearbook, but Cirque’s corrupting influence has created a bit of moral grey area)

Before you, we present Cirque Noir’s long-awaited first music video. Enjoy!